Medina Lake

Owning a piece of Medina Lake real estate means exclusivity from the busy city and private access to one of San Antonio's best attractions.

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Welcome to Medina Lake, Texas

This clear Hill Country lake is located just west of San Antonio, about 10 miles south of Bandera, Texas. The reservoir was created in 1913, when the Medina River was dammed to provide irrigation water for surrounding ranches and farms.

Today, Medina Lake is better known for its recreational uses. Surrounded by rolling hills and high limestone bluffs, this setting provides a beautiful backdrop for boating and water sports. The clear, calm waters and steep limestone drops also make Medina Lake a favorite location for scuba diving in Texas.

And with a variety of covers, rocky outcroppings and tributaries, the lake offers fantastic fishing. Medina Lake is best known for large and small mouth bass, crappie and its large yellow catfish.

Medina Lake is 18 miles long and nearly 3 miles wide at its broadest point. Like most Texas lakes, its level fluctuates with area rainfall. At capacity, the lake covers 5,246 acres with a maximum depth of about 152 feet.